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Thrift is a software project spanning a variety of programming languages and use cases. Our goal is to make reliable, performant communication and data serialization across languages as efficient and seamless as possible.

In our pursuit of this goal, Thrift aims to embody the following values:

  • Simplicity Thrift code is simple and approachable, free of unnecessary dependencies.
  • Transparency Thrift conforms to the most common idioms in all languages.
  • Consistency Niche, language-specific features belong in extensions, not the core library.
  • Performance Strive for performance first, elegance second.

Project Team


Username Full Name Specialities Timezone
mcsleeMark SleeGeneral vision and implementation-8
dreissDavid ReissEverything, GIT configuration, performance-8
adityaAditya Agarwal-8
marckMarc KwiatkowskiC++ concurrency-8
jwangJames WangC++ transports and processors-8
cpiroChris PiroErlang-8
bmaurerBen MaurerPython data serialization-5
kclarkKevin ClarkRuby implementation-8
tjakeJake LucianiPerl implementation-5


  • Doug Cutting


  • Paul Querna
  • Upayavira
  • Jason van Zyl

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The following companies are known to employ Thrift in their production services.


Originally developed at Facebook, Thrift is a core piece of Facebook's software infrastructure. It is used for both low-latency realtime RPC and persistent structured data storage across a variety of applications, such as Search, News Feed, Platform, and Mobile. If you've ever used Facebook, you have seen Thrift in action.